Christmas Poetry

Every year, during the Advent season, we try to tailor part of our lessons toward Christmas. This, of course, is easier with some subjects. I have found poetry to be the easiest subject to incorporate Christmas.

Whether we memorize, recite, read, or write a few lines of poetry, during the month of December, poetry is centered around Christmas.

This year, my youngest daughter is completing a three week mini-unit from IEW's All Things Fun & Fascinating. She has completed an acrostic style poem called Jesus Was Born {pictured above}. Next week, she will write a Cinquain {a five line poem with a specific syllable pattern}.

While creating her own poetry, she, along with her siblings, will listen to these poems:
Christmas Trees, by Robert Frost
Christmas in India, by Rudyard Kipling
Christmas at Sea, by Robert Louis Stevenson

Additionally, she and her older sister are memorizing Love Came Down at Christmas, by Christina G. Rossetti.

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