Literary Pumpkins: Pilgrim's Progress

She wanted to bring a decorated pumpkin to the AWANA Pumpkin Night.

Typically we do 'literary pumpkins' which depict a scene or character of a book recently read. This time, however, my daughter, who is in fifth grade, decided to do a scene from a book she read last year. {Apparently, Mary Poppins and Heidi offered no inspiration for pumpkin included scenes.}

Using one of last year's literary selections, my daughter depicted a scene from Dangerous Journey, a condensed version of Pilgrim's Progress, by John Bunyan.

Strapped to his back, the pumpkin is Christian's burden. The rest of the scene was easily assembled with materials we had on hand. {Boy doll and cross stand upright with the help of plastic coated twist ties salvaged from packaged toys. Base is constructed from a shoe box.}

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