Demonstrating Ladybug Wings

The entire class was devoted to beetles and true bugs. All 19 Kindergarten through 2nd grade listened intently as I described the unique characteristics of each grouping. They were fascinated by the two sets of wings. I was hoping they would be.

Yet, I knew it might be hard to understand, especially when you are five, or seven, years old. The week before the lesson, as I prepared to teach it, I tossed around several ideas on how to best illustrate the concept. I also wanted something the children could make and take home with them.

For starters, I collected five real live ladybugs from my parents house. We kept them in a premade habitat for a few days. The students watched them with fascination. A few of them even displayed their flying wings as they moved about the tiny half globe container. It was perfect!

Then I set about to find a hands on project which students could take home with them. I searched the internet. Ladybug projects are prevalent, but not one of them showed the flying wings like I wanted.

Finding this pattern, I was inspired to add a set of tissue paper wings for flying wings. The addition of this pair of wings allowed children to not only see the two sets of wings, but to move them apart themselves.

The combination was just what my co-op class needed to illustrate the concept.

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