The Quiet Hour

Sitting on the floor, leaning against the gym wall a mom sat with her youngest. He wears a Red Skin jersey.

"Ah, yes, we start the brain washing early as well," I joke as I approach. "Except, for us, it is the Patriots."

She laughs and we begin sharing a few humorous stories of sport fan husbands and children following in their footsteps. At one point, the conversation shifts to motherhood. Seems we moms cannot help but talk about it.

This time our talk turns the corner to nap time. It's been almost three years since I've had a child napping, I share as I point to my son, standing with my husband. They are waiting to play one of the Fall Festival games.

She's not surprised at my remembrance of how my youngest adamantly opposed nap time. After all, she knows his personality. {He is very determined.}

Let's be honest: nap time is a golden hour. Children get the rest they physically need and we mommas can get a nice quiet break in the day. There are a 1001 ways to spend that time. For me, some times, I would use nap time to catch up on chores, quickly scrubbing the bathroom floor. Other days, I would prepare parts of dinner to alleviate that before dinner rush. Still other times, I would rest or take time to read while sipping some coffee.

With these benefits to nap time, it can be an adjustment when a child stops napping.

In our house, when the naps stopped, we instituted quiet time. It lasts about an hour. Most days, we take this time. Quiet time for our children is spent pursuing an individual activity. A few of their favorites are reading, writing letters, building with toys, or crafting. Whatever they choose to do, they do so on their own. Meanwhile, I use this hour to do any and all of the things I use to do during their naps.

For our homeschooling family, the quiet hour has become golden. We are together every day for long periods of time. Though we are blessed with this time and truly enjoy one another's company, everyone needs a little time alone. Whether the time is used to pursue an individual interest or to rest in the quietness of an otherwise busy household, the quiet hour is beneficial for us all.

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