Homeschoolers Playing Sports

So you have a child who is athletic and happens to be homeschooled?

A child who enjoys sports doesn't necessarily need to miss out on playing just because his/her family chooses to home educate.

Sometimes, sports opportunities literally fall into homeschoolers laps. Other times, it does require a little {or a lot} of inquiry.

How to find sports opportunities:
  • Determine your child's interests and abilities.
  • Find out if your child needs/wants to pursue this sport as an individual, on a team, or with a league.
  • Plan how much time your family/child is willing to use for this sports pursuit. 
  • Seek sports opportunities which match your child's interests, abilities, and situation.

Where to look for sports opportunities
  • homeschool organizations, co-ops, and support groups
  • private schools, especially smaller sized schools as they may be in need of athletes and welcome homeschoolers to fill this gap
  • public schools {depends on your state laws and local community as to availability for homeschoolers}
  • community centers and leagues {like the Boys and Girls Club, the "Y"}
  • church leagues {formal and informal - Upward is an example of a formal program}
  • local parks and recreation departments
  • private businesses {like gyms or golf courses}
  • local experts {professional and amateurs} who may be willing to instruct students
  • informal pick-up leagues 

Unfortunately, some areas just don't have any community or school sports opportunities for homeschooled students. In these cases, perhaps a child might consider pursuing something independently. These individual sports could become a life long leisure activity.

Easy sports to fit into life:
  • swimming
  • golf
  • running
  • skiing
  • roller/ice skating
  • bicycling
  • rock climbing
  • archery
  • tennis

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