A True Confession

Ever since this science experiments on bugs, I have been trapping and freezing bugs. to examine.
It started as a quasi-academic procedure but now it seems like it might be a possible sick obsession.
What might be even worse is the fact that I've caught a lot of these bugs (ten to be exact) in our home.

However, I came to the conclusion I had a problem during our vacation. Yep, I was collecting bugs while on vacation.

Several friends could be pointed out as enablers bringing me bugs and various containers to use. {Ahem, you know who you are, but don't worry, you will remain anonymous. I won't tell.}

For the record: We'll use them all in our K-2nd science when we study creepy crawling animals.
We'll use magnifying glasses and count body parts and legs.
We'll examine wings and coverings.
In short, these bugs will be put to good use!

And, who knows, by that time, each of the twenty children may have their own bug to look at...

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