Learning a Chocolate Fact

We're dunking pretzels in chocolate as a Valentine's Day treat for his other youth group leaders {my husband and I are two, but there are four more}, when I declare the white chocolate was much harder to use than this milk chocolate.

"That's because it's made from cocoa butter and no cocoa liquor," he comments in a matter-of-a-fact, off-hand kind of way.

What? Did I teach him that? If I did surely I don't remember that. I think I hope I'd have remembered that.

"Where did you hear that?" I question.

"From my God's World News. Here, I'll get you the article." He leaves and returns with the February issue of Top Story.

Sure enough, there it is. A whole article on chocolate lies open.

Later, as I flip through the magazine, I think to myself, I really ought to read this more. After all, each of my children finds their own magazine interesting. What's this on gourmet coffee being processed by elephants? The elephant consumes the coffee, and the next day workers collect...um, maybe not...

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