Thanksgiving - Pilgrims of a Different Kind

Typically, each Thanksgiving, we read of the Pilgrims and Native Americans. However, this year, I decided to take a different approach. Our history studies are from 1840's to the present times. This allows for us to explore a slightly different take on Pilgrims and Thanksgiving. Instead of the Pilgrims of the 1600's, we are reading of the Pilgrims of the 1800's and the 1900's. Some might call them Immigrants, but since 'pilgrims' can technically mean individuals on a journey, we've expanded our definition this November.

Two books we have enjoyed so far include:

The Thanksgiving Door, by Debby Atwell - Ed and Ann, an older couple, must eat at a restaurant after Ann's kitchen mishap. They enter a nearby restaurant when they discover the door open and a table set. The owners are dismayed. The dinner was for their family, and the restaurant was suppose to be closed. However, the family quickly adjusts and welcomes Ed and Ann to join their holiday dinner. A delightful tale of an immigrant family celebrating their first Thanksgiving in America follows. The colorful illustrations add a neat visual to the story line.

Molly's Pilgrim, by Barbara Cohen - It is nearing Thanksgiving, and Molly's teacher asks each child to fashion a doll, but not just any doll, a Pilgrim doll. Molly's mother helps by creating a doll which looks more like a Russian than the iconic Pilgrims. Molly is embarrassed. The story unfolds and ends in a tender way. It carries a message of freedom and thanksgiving which any child can understand.

Other Thanksgiving Books We Found at the Library:
A Pioneer Thanksgiving: A Story of Harvest Celebrations in 1841, by Barbara Greenwood
Fat Chance Thanksgiving, by Patricia Lakin

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