Giving Your Kids a Rich Education

...regardless of what educational choices you make.

Wealth isn't always measured in money.

Similarly, the value of an education isn't always measured in a schooling choice, curriculum, or method. In fact, what happens outside the classroom may be more valuable then what occurs inside four walls with a desk, book, paper, and pencil.

5 Ways to Enrich Any Education:

Hands on Learning - Reading a book about the solar system and the placement of the planets is good. However, building a model, or walking paces in ratio to the actual distances each planet is from one another creates a more personable and enjoyable learning experience. Projects, activities, or hands on learning, help spark interest and cultivate passions which can last a life time.

Field Trips -  Writing a report about the Revolutionary War pales in comparison to touring Valley Forge or Boston. Science, history, literature, music, and art classes are easily enhanced with field trips. There are many interesting places to visit for each of these subjects.

Nature Walks - Listening to a lecture about forests is good. However, visiting a forest, experiencing the sounds, sights, and textures of a forest is even better. Using identification guides to name plants and animals, or recording observations in nature journals allows children to learn from any nature walk.

Competitions - Not all competition is unhealthy. Somewhere along the way, while passing out trophies to every participant, we as a society have lost an appreciation for good, healthy competition. While there is a time and place for rewarding effort, there is also a time and place for rewarding excellence. Competitions for science, math, geography, spelling, and history abound. Students benefit just from participating, whether they win or not. They are encouraged to do their best.

Memorization - Like competition, memorization may have fallen out of fashion. In an age when we can 'google' almost anything, people often see little value to memorization. However, memory work is mental exercise for the brain. Just like muscles need to work, so does a brain. Encourage your child to memorize things of value, like Bible verses, poetry, spelling rules, lists of Presidents, dates of historical events, state capitals, etc. Besides, memorization doesn't have to be all drill and no fun. Check out some ideas for making memory work easy and fun here.

The bottom line in enriching any education ~ your child's experiences matter!

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