Order In the House, Please!

Has the ordered classroom, ideal schedule, and loving family home deteriorated to chaos in only a few weeks?  Order and tranquility must be maintained, or chaos easily results, at least it does in our house.  Perhaps yours is similar? 

Some ways, which we use, to create a more peaceful homeschool house...

Siblings -
  • All Together Now - activities done together create bonding moments, time to work on communication abilities, and chances for siblings to create shared memories
  • Pair Up (for families with multiples) - pair children together for different projects or activities, and then switch it up as the activity changes.  Be sure to always change who is partnered with whom, variety is helpful.
  • All By Myself - alone time is not bad!  Children, like adults, need some moments of quiet to pursue individual interests, or to just read a book without interruptions.

Schedule -
  • start school on time
  • pray about out of the house commitments
  • say no to bad things, good things, and even better things, so you can say yest to the best things
  • be sure to include family activities
  • making quiet time a part of the routine ensures that it actually happens in our household
  • spread out the workload - don't plan to do it all in the morning immediately after rising

Environment -
  • purge - unwanted or unused items are just taking up valuable space, get rid of them
  • organize - items that are used and wanted need their own permanent home
  • simplify cleaning routines
  • straighten up rooms regularly - a picked up house actually looks cleaner, even if it is not
  • plan meals - simple dishes, easy to make dinners are time savers

Above all, I must remember to be light of heart.  Things will go wrong.  Learn to laugh.  Smile more, and take it all in stride!

These days go all too quickly...I want to enjoy them now, even when it is chaotic!

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