Another Short Week


a weekly wrap up...

We returned home from a long weekend away, and began schooling the very next day.  Unfortunately, we only got a day or two done when illness, the kind with a fever, struck!  We are all on the mend now, and are looking forward to things being a bit more normal next week.

1.  Really, I cannot say enough good things about this Arnosky book called Wild Tracks!  Fascinating drawings of life size animal prints on fold out pages.  There is some text to explain the animals and their behavior, but it was the drawings of the animal prints that kept my kindergartner (and me!) engrossed in this one book for quite some time. 

2.  Our oldest and youngest sharing EcoMazes: 12 Earth Adventures.

3.  More fun books we found at the library!

4.  M&M pancakes were my daughter's idea, and they were a big hit one morning for breakfast.

5.  Last of the cucumbers from our garden...always a bitter sweet moment when we harvest the last of something...

6.  A fun sentence building activity our youngest did one day.  His silly sentences made us all laugh aloud as he read them.

7.  Our children donned in Red Sox shirts.  They are fans just like my husband. {Personally, I am a Twins fan, but I still have been known to occasionally cheer for Boston.  It is hard not to when I live with so many Sox fans!}

Mary Cassatt: Artist Study


We were able to include an artist study this week.  Since we learned about Edgar Degas last week, it made sense to study Mary Cassatt this week.  {The two artists were friends.}  With it being a short week, and our illnesses, there was no way I could possibly plan a full fledged lesson on my own.  We had The Life and Work of Mary Cassatt, by Ernestine Giesecke, to read, but I had no extras to add.  A simple Google search resulted in finding a great blog: Art for Small Hands.  There was a lesson for Mary Cassatt, including artist background information and possible art projects.  We used the idea of showing two individuals relationship through a pastel drawing.  The children enjoyed the pastels, but learned quickly how difficult it can be to use them!  Overall, they did well. 

Bonus Picture:

{Our three oldest children tried lobster while we were visiting family in New England.}

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