An Unplanned Day of School

We traveled a few hundred miles to camp in the valley.
It was a planned family weekend away from it all.
The rush of river water was heard for days.
We relaxed beside warm camp fires.
One day, we hiked four miles through the forest and up steep inclines
to see this.

And, yes, we counted it as a day of school.  The children all navigated the trail.  Trail blazes, techniques, and safety were reviewed.  We had a topographical trail map which we checked for direction and elevation.  There was much flora and fauna to observe along the trail, including butterflies, caterpillars, insects, spiders, snakes, ferns, fungi, mushrooms, moss, conifers, and deciduous trees.  Different rocks and soil were also examined.  The changing leaf colors were a delight to view.  At the top of the incline, we explored the Rock Garden.

There were large boulders to walk among and climb.


Later, during the same day, we explored the dam, swimming area, and beach front the CCC {Civilian Conservation Corps} of the 1930's built.  It is still used on a seasonal basis.  Then we learned a bit more about the history of the park and the origin of its name. 

All in all, this field trip covered science, geography, and history, not bad for an unplanned day of school!

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  1. I love moments like these where life just makes learning easy and fun! Looks like you had a wonderful day of school. :)


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