A Normal Week? Not Yet

...a weekly wrap-up

Perhaps I hoped in vain for a normal week.  Alas, I had thought this would be the week, but instead of 'normal,' it was chaotic at best.  With both AWANA and Friday co-op beginning, we are now onto a full blown schedule.  It is good, but it might take me a bit of time to get used to it.

This week, I am only sharing a few high lights...

1.  Our church's picnic was on Sunday and our daughters decided to get their faces painted. 

2.  Our children at the orchard on our recent apple picking trip

3.  "Papel Picado" our youngest and I made for Mexico, the country he studied this week. {Idea and directions found in Geography Through Art, by Sharon Jeffus & Jamie Aramini.}  Can you see the spider I cut out? It is in the lower right corner of the orange paper.

4.  On Thursday, we caught up on our history time lines.

5.  My youngest daughter's solar powered car from science co-op.  On a sunny day, it really goes fast!

Today, we have our first day of Friday co-op.  All of the children are excited for the classes they will take this year.  Some of the classes they are looking forward to are basic drawing, dance, and speech.  This year, I will be teaching two classes: basic drawing for the 6th to 8th grade class and writing for the 3rd to 5th graders. 

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  1. Dorie, I clicked over and read your timeline post - I got a lot of good ideas from it. It looks like you use the Sonlight Book of Time, too.

    I hope co-op was wonderful today. You must be busy teaching two classes!

    Thanks for linking with Collage Friday!

  2. I love your banner! Have I said that yet? ::laugh:: Great, natural photos! Anyway, my youngest would love that solar powered vehicle!

  3. Your collage looks great. I hope you have a wonderful next week.
    Blessings, Dawn


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