The Week Science Co-op Began

Week two has ended, and we have added science to our homeschool days.  However, this extra work did not hinder our summer afternoons.  One afternoon, we met friends at the pool, and then on another day, we played at a tree filled park. 

A little bit of what is going on in our homeschool this week...

1. Music - Franz Schubert and His Merry Friends, by Opal Wheeler and Sybil Deucher is the first composer biography we are reading through this year.  We are in our second week of studying Schubert and have about two more to go.  Though we have read several in this series, it always amazes me what adversity most of these great composers overcome in their lives and situations.

2. Art - The artist we studied this week was Georges Seurat.  {Our lesson is found here.}

3. History - We finished the final two chapters of Volume 3.  {Next week, we'll start The Story of the World, Volume 4.}  We spent more time delving into the Gold Rush, rather than the New Zealand Wars.  We read a few extra books about the California Gold Rush, including these three for fun!

4. Read Aloud - Our current read aloud is Island of the Blue Dolphins, by Scott O'Dell.  We read this years ago, but are happily revisiting this adventure, survival story.

Not Pictured:

Science - This past week, we had our first science co-op meeting.  I am teaching the Kindergarten through Third Grade.  We'll learn about biomes, outer space, and the human body.  Our fourth grader is in an astronomy and biology class. Our sixth grader is taking chemistry, and our eighth grader is learning physical science.  We hope the co-op is a blessing to each one.

God's World News - Our first issues for this year arrived!  We get them each year, and the children look forward to their own copies.  This year, our Kindergartner will get his own copy for the first time.  The extra adds on each copy featured World Vision's 30 Hour Famine.  This is something I had never heard about, but have since started looking into it.  If anyone has had any personal experience with this, then please share in the comments.  I am really interested to know more.

A fun extra...we took a day trip to the beach!  We swam, played in the sand, watched wildlife {sea gulls and dolphins}, observed tides and ocean waves, and even learned a little WWII history by reading a few signs.

A few days later our youngest checked out two books from the library about seashore wildlife.
  • Grayboy, by Kay Chorao is a sweet story of two children spending the summer at a bay.  They find an injured sea gull and name him Grayboy. 
  • Dolphins on the Sand, by Jim Arnosky {because we really do like his books!} tells of a pod of dolphins who become beached and the people who help them return to the open waters.

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  1. I think our homeschools are so very much alike. I love the Opal Wheeler biographies so much - we need to read another one soon.

    Looks like a great week! Thanks for linking!

  2. Oh, I would love to be able to take a field trip to the beach. :) Great pictures.

  3. Wonderful week! And what a fun trip. We live near the beach but don't go very often. lol We've doubled out trips this year though.

  4. Your week sounds so fun and filled. My children love all of the Scott O'dell books. My son was sitting here as I read this post, immediately, he said, "I need to read that book again." Since we've read books by this author, we've had pets to be named after some of the characters. I suppose that tells me they enjoyed the books.


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