Summer Reading Program

On the very first day of sign ups, we were there.  We didn't exactly plan to be there the first day, but we surely weren't upset about it.  The children waited somewhat patiently to sign up.  They admired all the decorations and this year's theme: "Dream Big: Read." 

The children's librarian quietly gathered all the forms and explained the summer reading program.  She knows us, and knows we have done the reading program many times, but she must go through the rules regardless.  The children took their forms and filled them out.  I helped our youngest.  Then, they handed them in, and went about to find some new and new-to-us books to borrow.  

And, boy did they!  We checked out over 50 books.  Here is a few highlighted books we checked out or reserved.

Our youngest was set on checking out a book called Chiggers, by Gail Jarrow.  Wondering what chiggers are?  They are parasites.  Um, yeah, lovely.  Rounding out his selections were a book about Saturn, another about amphibians, and one about frogs.  He was delighted with his finds!

The entire Mercy Watson series, except book number 4, was checked out by our youngest daughter.  For whatever reason, our library has all except the fourth.  I will put in a request for it in the county-wide library book sharing system soon.  She also found a few American Girl mystery books, and several more from the Boxcar Children series.

My niece happened to be with us, and she and my older daughter combed the shelves together.  Based on a recommendation by my niece, my daughter decided to borrow The Barefoot Book of Ballet Stories and Usborne's Stories From Shakespeare.

Our oldest son had his heart set on getting two specific books.  After watching the movie Soul Surfer and finding out from his cousin that there was a book about Bethany Hamilton's experience, he wanted to read it.  He checked the computerized catalog for availability, but it had to be placed on hold.  Then he set about to find a book he had read last summer.  He wanted to read it again.  It too had to be placed on hold.  Now, he eagerly awaits both books and another visit to the library, as they all do.

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