Let the Summertime Crafting Begin!

During the first day of summer break, my daughters began crafting.

Now, several weeks into summer and they have learned some basics of crocheting,
courtesy their cousin.

My oldest daughter worked on a crocheted bookmark for her grandma.
Having learned how to make the chain, my younger daughter made yarn necklaces,
bracelets {she gave me one}, and a headband for her doll.

One day, they stumbled over a magazine with simple sewing projects including pillows for dolls.
We had all the necessary materials on hand, and they began on their own.
I only offered a few tips on keeping stitches small and several solutions to finishing the pillows.
Other then those few verbal suggestions, they completed the pillows entirely on their own.
My oldest daughter's is pictured above.
This is my younger daughter's pillow.  She wanted it to match the doll quilt I had made her last year.
In the second picture you can see the doll size necklace she crocheted.

Resources for these and other planned summertime crafts:


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