Writing Friendly Letters

Our daughters have embarked on a letter writing campaign this year.  Though they were required to write a few friendly letters for school, they have both taken up the pen and paper more than required.  Sometimes, they write to family members, or friends far away.  Other times, they want to write to a sponsored child or an acquaintance who is ill.

Their newest writing endeavor began with a visit.  My husband's cousin, who was in the process of moving across country, stopped at our home for a night.  Since our daughters had a wonderful time visiting with her, they decided to write her.

Pulling out their own personal stationary, they composed letters.  In earnest, they decorated the paper with cute swirly lines and little stickers writing words of endearment to their cousin.  The next step is taking those letters to the mail box. 

With the advancements of technology, I can't help but feel the art of writing letters has fallen to disuse in many people's lives.  Though it is much easier to dash a few lines in an email, text, or fb update, there is such joy when one receives a hand written letter.  In that spirit, we teach and encourage our children to learn to write friendly letters well, and if possible, often.


  1. I could not agree more. I love to give my children fancy stationary, stickers, and pens to write friendly letters. We have done a letter writing unit twice in the past couple of years, and it's always a lot of fun. It is a lost art in our society today.

  2. HUH! I need to get my girl some stationary! Dollar store, here I come!

    We (meaning 5 year old and I) send out several emails a week. However, she loves to write cards, too. This morning she is copying a "letter" for her grandparents who arrive tomorrow, onto a card.

    (I think her love language is gifts...)


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