A New Lego Game - Creationary

Can you guess what these are?

These are a few of our creations from our new Lego game called Creationary.  My sweet sister-in-law gifted our family with this fun family game.  We first played it the day after Christmas.

The game is played by basically selecting a category, drawing a card, building the pictured item, and having others guess your creation. 

Though the children found it difficult initially, they are learning how to build faster and what characteristics of an item are necessary for identification.  That being said, my husband and I, who grew up with basic Legos, find this game easy and enjoyable.

One minor complaint I have is that some of the illustrations are not easily identifiable.  In some cases, it would be nice if the pictures were labeled.  However, we still enjoy playing and are having a lot of fun with this game.

Statue of Liberty and a vacuum
(though pictured as a canister,
our children are more familiar with an upright)

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  1. What a fun game! I bet that my girls will like that in a few years!


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