A Nature Walk - By the Pond

It has been months since we visited this park with the pond. 

The colder weather has finally arrived and with it a sharp biting wind.  Last Friday, we ventured out for an hour of nature observation anyway.

The ice has started to form on the water's surface

and the edges.

We observed leaves underneath a frozen portion of the pond,

 and geese walking on top of other frozen parts.

We saw a few ducks here and there among the geese.

Then we walked along the edge, and noticed these

and these.

When we came to a sandy beach area, the children picked up a few rocks.  They tried hitting the ice from the shore.  When the rocks bounce across the ice, the sound reminded us of birds calling.

Turning from the pond's edge, we walked by a few trees with barks of interesting textures.

Though it was frigid, {and we were ever so grateful for the warmth of the car!}, we were glad we had visited the pond in the wintertime.


  1. It's so important to just walk, talk and observe -- this looks wonderful!

    1. I agree. The observations just naturally happen as we walk about outside taking our time to really see what is there.

  2. Lovely walk! I had to laugh towards the end because after our nature walk this past week the kids wanted me turn the air conditioner on in the car. Oh, I'd love to see a frozen lake someday ; )


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