A Nature Walk - Among Boulders

Recently, we hiked in New Hampshire, enjoying the beauty of creation. 

walking down to the trail head

Woods filled with trees, birds, raccoons, and a beaver dam/pond were some of the wonderful sites we observed.

However, the main thing we wanted to check out were the boulders.  They were huge with some measuring the size of a barn. 

at the base of one of the boulders
We climbed a few. 

on top of one of the boulders

And, some we admired from the side.

one person at a time could fit inside the larger crack

Another remarkable walk in God's marvelous creation, observing His handiwork.


  1. Lovely photos - sounds like an excellent visit!

  2. I love that you take so many nature walks with your kids! What a wonderful way for them to experience God's creation!

  3. Oops, Didn't mean to do that, I had said:

    These are some great shots of your walk, so much woodsier than our CA nature hikes : D


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