Ways to Include Extended Family

It happens every September: Grandparent's Day.  At many schools, private and public, grandparents will be asked to visit or notes of appreciation will be written.  Family bonds will be strengthened, and grandparents will feel a part of their grandchildren's school experiences.  As homeschoolers, we aren't limited to  a specific day, celebration, or occassion to include grandparents.  In many ways, as often as possible, grandparents and extended family members can be involved in our homeschooling journeys.

Of all the benefits to homeschooling, regular multi-generational interactions must rank fairly high.  It is one benefit that we seek to draw upon as often as possible.  Over the years, our family has tried to include grandparents and other relatives in our homeschooling days.  Of course, not everyone agrees with our decision to homeschool, and some aren't able to participate regularly due to schedules or living far away.  However, for those family members who are willing and able, it is a tremendous blessing and source of encouragement.

...to read the full article, please visit Growing Your Homeschool.  Today, I'm sharing specific ways we try to include extended family in our homeschool journey.  Won't you visit and include your ideas as well?

Growing Your Homeschool

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