Easy Planning for Large Play Groups

When I first started organizing play groups, I would stress over the details.  It became more of a burden as I tried to host the 'perfect' play time in our home with specific activities.  Now that I've let go of that 'perfect' image, and have embraced a more realistic play group, planning has become a cinch.

This is how we get large groups together...
  1. Find a park that is free, shaded in the playground area, relatively easy to find for newcomers, and has restrooms.
  2. Set a date and time that is convenient.  Our group prefers the end of the week, either a Thursday or Friday, from 11 AM to 2 PM.  Plan for each family to bring their own lunches.
  3. Invite all your friends with children and open the play date to their friends as well.  Our typical invite is via email with a friendly comment of 'feel free to invite others to join the fun' message attached at the bottom.
The time spent with friends is refreshing for the children and me.  The amount of families attending each time fluctuates, but always there is a connection and camaraderie of the moms and children.  So much so that I am often asked by moms who have children in school, if they can still come to the play group during the school year.  And, of course, they are welcomed! 


  1. Great reminder that a playgroup should be fun and not stressful! Our playgroup is very laid-back and it is fabulous! I usually host themed playgroups (with special snacks and art projects), but that is because I like doing those things, not because that is the expectation of the group.

  2. Marla, your play groups sound like a lot of fun! I am so grateful for all the different ways a play group can be planned, and for mommas like you with a knack for making things extra special.


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